Samsung Goes First, Google Experiments And Apple Refines


There’s a new rhythm to product releases among the biggest players in mobile tech, and increasingly, Samsung is building a reputation as the most brash and quick-to-act of what I would call the ruling triumvirate, which also includes Google and Apple. Google plays the reasoned experimenter, Apple hangs back and refines the best ideas to come out of the market, but Samsung increasingly seems willing to absorb the costs of diving headlong into new territory, just to prove it can.


Galaxy_Round_2696671bThe Samsung Galaxy Round is the latest from the Korean smartphone maker, and it’s a Chimera if there ever was one. This $1,000 boondoggle has a curved face, and otherwise resembles a Galaxy Note, except with a $1,000 price tag. The screen seems to have little benefit beyond hugging a thigh better when ensconced in the pocket of jeans, or fitting the curve of a palm slightly more comfortably…

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