New York City’s Tech Industry Is 62 Percent White, 60 Percent Male

Let’s not stop at merely describing what the current state is but continue to ask why and what we can do to change this.


New York City’s tech industry is mostly white (62 percent) and male (60 percent), according to a recent analysis from the Center for an Urban Future. The fact that white men make up the majority of NYC’s tech force isn’t a huge surprise, but what’s interesting is how those figures compare to the diversity stats big tech firms like Apple, Amazon and Google have reported over the last year or so.

The Center for an Urban Future analyzed tech employment in each of New York City’s five boroughs using the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s new definition of tech employment, which is simply companies that “use technology as their core business.” More specifically, the tech sector includes seven industries: computer manufacturing, electronic shopping, software publishing, data processing and hosting, Internet publishing and broadcasting and web search portals, computer systems design and scientific R&D services.

Most male employees in NYC…

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